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  1. ONLINE APPLICATION.  Clicking on "Online Application" will take you to the login screen for the online application where you will be able to perform one of the following activities:

    • REGISTER AS FIRST TIME USER.  By completing this process the system will give you a password. You can then return to the system as often as you would like, log in as a REGISTERED USER, and complete or update your application information. When you complete the screen you will use the ADD PROFILE option and the system will give you a password. If you need other assistance with your password or registration activities, contact our district for assistance. Do NOT attempt to create two different logins (e.g. using different email accounts).

    • REGISTER AS PREVIOUS APPLICANT OR PREVIOUS EMPLOYEE.  You will be asked to supply an applicant ID. If you don't know your ID, you can ask the system to supply it to you by entering your email address and clicking on SEND ID. Re-enter your email address and your ID and click on LOAD PROFILE. Any data previously stored by the District will be viewable to you and available for you to either confirm or update. You can then return in the future and log in as a REGISTERED USER. If you need other assistance with your password or registration activities, contact our district for assistance.

      • For either of these first two options (First Time Visitor or Previous Applicant/Employee), you will only perform this registration activity once. From there out you will enter the system as a Registered User. If the Previous Applicant/Previous Employee option is viewable and you previously had an application on file with the District you should definitely attempt to register as a Previous Applicant/Employee first. Doing otherwise could result in a duplicate record for your data. If you do not have a record as a Previous Applicant/Employee, the system will advise you and then you can register as a First Time Visitor.

    • USE THE SYSTEM AS A DISTRICT EMPLOYEE. District employees register by entering their employee number and their last name, upper and lower case. Once logged into the system the District employee is able to update certain applicant information or directly apply for open positions.

    • LOG IN AS A REGISTERED USER.  If you are not a District employee, and you have completed a registration as a FIRST TIME VISITOR or as a PREVIOUS APPLICANT/EMPLOYEE and the system has issued you a password, then use this option to return to the system at any time to complete or update your application information. You will be asked to provide your email address and your password as part of the log in process. Once you have entered the system you may click on MY PROFILE to update your personal information, including your password. You may also click on MY POSITIONS to specifically apply for open jobs. Detailed instructions are provided on each screen and a help page is also available for each page for your convenience.

  2. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS.  Clicking on each item provides an information page detailing the specific requirements established by the district for each application type.

  3. OPEN POSITIONS.  By clicking on Open Positions you are able to view the current open positions posted by the District. You are not, however, able to apply for one of the open positions from this screen. To apply for an open position, login as an applicant and click on Open Jobs on the Menu bar to see the open positions. From there you will see an Apply button for each open position. Clicking on that button will allow you to apply for any open position.

Once you enter the application system, be sure to click on each tab in the system, enter your data and SAVE that information. You must complete the SUBMIT APPLICATION tab, which will require you to respond to certain background/disclosure questions, or your application may not be considered by the District. You may also click on OPEN JOBS at any time to view a list of open positions and apply for specific vacancies.

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